Toscana Country Club Real Estate

    The Toscana Country Club is a vibrant and highly social place where people are free to mingle, associate, and revel in the beauty that is the Tuscan lifestyle in the rustic and beautiful Indian Wells, California.

    Toscana in Indian Wells is located at the center of the Palm Springs Desert Resort Area. It is within a short driving distance of the Palm Springs Resort and it is also in close proximity to some of the most wonderful and awe-inspiring destinations in Southern California. They will also be able to shop for some of their favorite things at the location pretty easily. It is also within some driving distance of Phoenix, Arizona and the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Strategically positioned and incredibly beautiful, the Toscana Country Club is a rarity indeed.

    Brief Summary

    Golf Memberships Dues: $65,000
    Golf Participation Dues: $2,150 mo.
    Golf Course Design: Jack Nicklaus
    Number of Holes: 36
    Construction Year: 2004
    Membership Restriction: A maximum of 550
    Social Membership Costs: $45,000
    Homeowners’ Association Dues: $580
    Property Values (homes): Between $1,300,000 – 5,000,000
    Lot Prices: $695,000 – $995,000

    Toscana Country Club Transport and Mobility

    In case you didn’t know, Toscana is actually closer to you than you might care to realize. The convenient and still functional Palm Springs Airport offers flights to and fro a wide array of destinations located in the United States and Canada. If you’ve got a private aircraft, you’ll also be able to find accommodation within close proximity.

    Toscana Country Club Amenities

    The Toscana Country Club is home to a wide array of amenities that allow people to live relaxed and highly comfortable lives whenever they come visiting. A few of them are:


    Simply put, the Spa Bella Vita is the essence of what Toscana stands for. It is a highly sensitive, relaxing, and transcendental spa that offers clients a physical and sensory experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world. It is located in a setting that is both awe-inspiring and incredibly private. It is a place of spiritual peace and tranquility that offers services that strengthen the mind, body and soul simultaneously. If you’re looking for some special emotional and physical rejuvenation, this is where to be.

    Sports Club

    At the Toscana Sports and Tennis Club, members will be open to a world of endless options for improving their health and well being, both physically and mentally. The training repertoire includes strength, balance, stamina, and endurance training, lawn tennis, yoga classes and Pilates. There are also adventures which take members into the nearby surrounding mountains on foot for improved health, endurance and the opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of nature.

    Toscana Country Club Lifestyle

    The lifestyle of the Toscana Country Club is the same as all those located in the Indian Wells area; luxurious, exquisite and highly immersive. Members are gives access to the best in amenities and they enjoy access to the free sights and sounds of nature. Overall, the entire location is highly relaxing and comfortable.

    Eating & Dining

    At Toscana, each day is unique. The lifestyle is further enriched by a culinary program that seems to rejuvenate itself every day. In the surroundings, artisan farmers and fertile valleys provide an abundance of healthy ingredients for feeding menus that nourish members and guests as well.

    Toscana Country Club Real Estate

    At Toscana, members are free to choose between single homes, condos, and family homes. Each of them varies in price due to differences in specifications and size, but the general prices range between $1,300,000 and $5,000,000. The homeowners’ association fees amount to $580 per month and this covers 24/7 security, access to amenities, maintenance, insurance, and lots more.