Palm Desert Real Estate Facts about the city and other information

    Palm Desert, California

    Palm Desert is a city that is located in Riverside County, California. United States. As a part of the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert lies approximately 14 miles East of Palm Springs, and 122 miles East of Los Angeles (about a 2 hour drive). As of the 2016 census, the population of Palm Desert stood at 52,231 which is a 70.5% increase in population from the 30,367 recorded in 1990. Palm Desert has consistently been one of the faster growing cities in the state of California.

    Snowbirds love it here and it is easy to see why!

    Palm Desert is a major center of growth in the Coachella Valley and is popular with seasonal residents like snowbirds as a retreat from cold winter climates. Predominantly traveling from the Eastern and Northern parts of the United States and Canada snowbirds swell the local population by approximately 31,000 people. This snowbird population along with significant winter tourism to the area cause seasonal fluctuations in the local economy. However, recent the summer seasons have seen a marked increase in economic activity.

    In the past few years, there have been more people from the coastal and urban centers of California who have relocated to Palm Desert and who have become “full-timers”. The reason for the influx of full-time residents is due to fact that Palm Desert offers both affordable and luxury properties, while costal prices have swelled significantly.

    The Perfect Climate

    Famously boasting 350 days of sunshine, the climate Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley is influenced by the geography of the surrounding areas. There are high mountain ranges on three sides and a south-sloping valley all of these contribute to the unique and year-round warm climate of the Coachella Valley. The surrounding mountains block rainstorms from coastal areas and funnel in hot, dry air from the surrounding desert.  Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley boast the warmest winter in the Western United States with a very dry climate. Palm Desert’s low humidity, makes it an ideal climate to take in the sun and get a tan! The average high temperature is 89°F (32 °C) and the average annual low is 62 °F (17 °C).

    A Golf Mecca Was Born!

    The Shadow Mountain Golf Club (1952) was the city’s first golf course and tennis club. It was followed by Marrakesh (1954), the Palm Desert Greens mobile home park golf course (1961), and the Pam Desert Country Club (1962). 1992 marked a milestone in home construction when the ambitious Del Webb development of Sun City Palm Desert began take shape. This development alone accounted for 5,000 more homes in Palm Desert once construction finished in 2002. The overwhelming total number of golf clubs in Palm Desert (there are over 30 and they are located within 10 miles from the city) has given it a reputation as a touchstone for golfers around the world.

    The city is home to some impressive attractions, including the College of the Desert, the McCallum Theatre, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and the Palm Desert Civic Park (a favorite among dog owners). Residents of Palm Desert are treated to a wide array of events running all year round including the popular El Paseo Fashion Week.

    Palm Desert Homes

    Homes for sale in Palm Desert, CA have a median home price of $310,000 as of 2016. These homes have increased in value significantly since the 2008 recession. There is a wide variety of home available in Palm Desert for sale. Most homes in Palm Desert are single level homes and basements in the area are a rare feature. If you are looking for