Indio Real Estate

    Indio is a city that is located in Riverside County, California, United States. As a part of the Coachella Valley it is a distance (as the crow flies) of 23 miles due East of the world famous Palm Springs Resort, 77 miles East of Riverside, CA and 124 miles in the East of Los Angeles, California.

    Today, the nickname of this beautiful city is the ‘City of Festivals’. It was rightly given this name due majorly to the abundance of festivities and festivals that occur in the area all year round, of which the most notable is the Coachella Valley Festival of Music and Arts.

    In the 19th century, railroad transport was prevalent. In order for trains to pass through that region, there would be a need for them to stop regularly, have their engines checked and be filled with water all over again. For this to occur, there was a need for a halfway point for the Southern Pacific Railroad that ran between Yuma, Los Angeles and Arizona. This necessity is was what gave rise to the City of Indio.

    The surrounding geography and natural environment plays an important role in determining the prevalent climate in the Coachella area. However the year-round climate is predominantly warm due to the high mountain ranges on its three sides. The average annual high temperature of Indio is 31.9 °C and its average annual low is 16.7 °C. Per year, there are around 350 days of sunshine on average.