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Make Stronger Offers With Less Stress

The Jelmberg Team has an option for you to beat out other buyers’ offers.

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If you’ve been doing your homework on the current Coachella Valley housing market or watching our market updates, then you’ve heard repeatedly about historically low inventory, year-over-year price increases of over 25%, homes selling in hours or days, and frequent bidding wars.

No doubt, it’s a great time to sell. It’s also a great time to buy if you want to take advantage of historically low interest rates. The main concern we are hearing from many of our potential clients comes in the form of the question, “Where will I move if I sell now?” We have a solution to this very problem, though few people know about it.

“This bridge loan product allows our buyers to make all-cash offers to beat out every other buyer.”

The Jelmberg Team works with a lender that can likely get you a bridge loan. For a total of only a few thousand dollars of interest, you can get cash upfront to buy your next home now without selling your current home first. Despite popular belief, it’s actually possible to sell your house after buying now.

This bridge loan product allows our buyers to make all-cash offers to beat out every other buyer who is subject to getting a mortgage and skip the hassle of timing your closing dates. You get the certainty of buying the new home you want first and then being able to sell after. This is how smart sellers are buying their next home in this hot market. You simply move into your new home and then we sell your old home—it’s usually what the ultra-wealthy do, but now it’s possible for you.

Call the agent on our team you have been working with, and they can get you in touch with the lender to explain how it works. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.

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  • Steven Ilg
    Written on

    Hello, We have a condo in Mukilteo, Washington worth about $750,000+ we owe $120,000. We are looking for condos in Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage for less than $500,000. Can we take advantage of this program? We are already working with Levi Knapp.

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