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    How we Have Helped Out-of-State Clients List Their Coachella Valley Home

    Canadians, Washingtonians and more list their home with our team without ever leaving home…

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    Jelmberg Team has a zoom meeting with Canadian clients looking to list their home in the Coachella Valley

    The issue of how to sell your home during the pandemic is a cause of worry for many people lately. People may not be willing or are unable to travel to a second home to prepare it to go up for sale. This is of particular concern to Canadians looking to list their home with the border to the US currently closed. Our team has worked though all issues with this concern from initial listing contract to final escrow closing. 

    The Jelmberg Team has recently helped several clients list and sell their home without ever leaving their permanent home. While not without some minor challenges, our team can quickly and efficiently list a home. Even more surprising is just how much you can net from the sale of your home. This is a quick account of some of our client’s concerns and an account of how our team works hard to resolve any of these concerns. 

    There are 3 main concerns that our clients have when listing their home from another state or country (like Canada).

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    Concern 1: Listing During the Pandemic

    When discussing the prospect of listing a home with one of our client’s inevitably COVID-19 enters into the conversation. Our clients are concerned that their home will not sell or wonder if they can get a decent price in light of the pandemic. Unexpectedly however, the Coachella Valley has experienced low inventory leading to slight and moderate price increases for real estate. This is explained in our article “Coachella Valley Real Estate Market Trends: July 2020 Unexpected Benefit of the Shutdown” explaining how real estate may actually net you more than expected on the sale of your home. However it is important to know that timing is of paramount concern and a home should be priced according to market value to ensure that a property is sold in under 30 days. Should a home be priced too high and lingers on the market  potential buyers begin to wonder “what is wrong” with home, a problem that can cause you to actually net less in the end. 

    Concern 2: Getting the Home Ready for Sale

    Another concern raised by sellers is how to get their home ready for sale. Many out-of-state sellers have not set foot in a second home for many months and need to have the carpets steamed, the garage cleaned, the yard landscaped or personal property moved. Our expert knowledge of talented and trusted vendors in the Coachella Valley makes this a breeze as our team coordinates with you to prep a home.  From having precious items shipped home to getting the AC working again, this is where our team shines – customer service! 

    Concern 3: Getting the Paperwork Done and Coordination of the Sale

    The process of selling a home 100% virtually is often easier and less stressful than selling a home while physically living in it.

    First, getting all the paperwork done has never been easier to do remotely. All you need is a computer, an email address and an internet connection and all the paperwork can be “Docusigned” with a few clicks of the mouse. Most clients prefer to Docusign contracts as it is safer, more convenient, more transparent, is 100% trackable, and makes it impossible to lose a document. 

    Docusign can take care of 99% of contracts, and paperwork during the transaction, however a few documents still need to be notarized. This is easy if you live in the US as you just visit your nearest local notary and sign the documents from your printer and send them to your Realtor. However, if you live in Canada or another foreign country, you may have some additional paperwork to fill out and work with your country’s consulate to get some documents notarized. Our team has worked through several of these problems with cross border notarization and have all the info and paperwork to make it work for our Canadian clients.

    We Have the Experience

    These 3 concerns regarding listing a home remotely are easily addressed with the assistance of experienced real estate professionals. Our team is dedicated to finding solutions for our clients and we have excelled in helping our clients in Canada and out-of-state quickly sell their home to take advantage of the lack of inventory currently in the Coachella Valley real estate market. Our team has put 64 transactions in escrow since the beginning of the pandemic, 45 since June 1st alone (22 listings). If you have any questions please reach out to one of our agents so we can help you get your home listed and sold from the comfort and safety of home. 

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