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Jelmberg Team Gives Thanks for Reaching $100 Million in Sales

When the Jelmberg family first arrived the Coachella Valley in October of 2008, Penny, Gil and Chris Jelmberg started their venture into real estate as a retirement project. However, this venture quickly morphed into one of the most successful team in the Desert. With the addition of Josh Jelmberg  This family venture that started in Penny & Gil’s casita and garage, has now passed a major milestone. $100 Million in sales from January 1, 2021 to June 23, 2021. 

Josh Jelmberg reflects on the journey to $100 Million in sales. 

“We remember discussing and laughing about what we would do if we ever achieved $100 Million in sales. At that time, with less than 4 agent it seemed like an almost impossible goal.”

“After a refocus and working through many challenges we developed a new sales and marketing program.”

This was really the turning point when things started to propel upward for the whole team. 

Josh explains his new goals with this in mind.

“Our team goal is $160MM this year, so while hitting this benchmark is important, it’s far from what we have set out to do.  The significance lies in accomplishing part of a vision that started 10 years ago in Penny & Gil’s garage.  There’s great meaning because of all that we have overcome, all we have endured, committed and sacrificed to be in the position we are now in. When I say we, I mean all of our employees that have been with us since the beginning or since the re-launch, and all the agents we are partnered with.”

Josh then reflected on all the support he and the Jelmberg team received over the years.

“The owners of the Jelmberg Team would like to thank each and every person, vendor, business partner and client that contributed to the success of our team and helped us reach this whale of sales number.”

“Most certainly we could not have done this without your support!”

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